RCD Combination Flap Discs

Halve production time Whilst Improving your Finish.

The Medium RCD (Rapid Combi Disc) allows you to grind away stainless tig welds and leave a perfect finish in one action. Because of the RCD's flexible action you can sand in the same direction as the grain leaving a perfect finish in one step. (watch the mini video below).

Why use the RCD Disc? The benefits are obvious:

  1. Save lots of time
  2. Improve the quality of your finish

For more details see the FAQ's at the bottom of the page

RCD Combination Flap Discs

RCD Combination Flap Discs FAQs

  • What are the benefits of the Rapid Combi Disc?

    Sometimes we can over-complicate things. The benefits of the RCD are really simple.

    1. Rapid Combi Discs save loads of time - users tell us it can often more than halve the process time.
    2. Rapid Combi Discs improve finish quality - the Medium RCD will go directly from the weld to a beautiful 240 grit finish.
    3. Rapid Combi Discs remove grinding damage and flat spots - after sanding with a flap disc or fibre disc a curved tube can look like the edges of a 50p coin. The RCD will not do this.

    Want to know how to optimise the performance of your RCD discs?

  • What rpm should I use for the Cibo RCD rapid combi discs?

    The RCD is rated as safe to use on a standard angle grinder but to improve the quality of your finish and increase the life time of your abrasives we strongly recommend that you use the RCD at a much slower speed.

    On a 115mm or 125mm grinder we recommend operational speeds between?4,00 and 5,00rpm. Which is half the standard grinder speed.

    note:? This will not slow down the speed of finishing but it will increase the controllability of the process and the lifetime of your abrasives.

  • What grades are available for the Rapid Combi Discs?
    • Ultra Coarse - Mig weld grinding on mild steel tubes.
    • Coarse - Heavier tig welds on stainless steel
    • Medium - Tig weld grinding on stainless steel tube.?Gives a #240 grit finish. The most popular product
    • Very Fine - Tig weld dressing of aluminium. Refining of Medium and Coarse grade discs