Abrasive Flap Discs

For?Grinding Stainless Steel, Steel & Aluminium...

  • Steel flats & curves:??FHCC Ceramic flap discs in P40 / P60 grit
  • Steel fillet welds:? FOV P40 grit?Ceramic discs?have a?flexible edge to get?right?into the corner.
  • Stainless Steel: FHCC or FTC?Ceramic?flap discs will outlast and cut zirconia discs
  • Aluminum:? FTC P60 Cibo Ceramics will give a fast cut rate without clogging

For Finishing?Stainless Steel, Steel & Aluminium...

  • Steel flats & curves:??FSC?Zirconia flap?discs in P80 / P120 grit
  • Steel fillet welds:? Cibo unitised discs?
  • Stainless Steel: CIBO RCD Rapid Combi flap discs or Cibo Unitised discs
  • Aluminum:? FSC?zirconia P120 grit discs.? Or for a finer finish...?the SAG Unitised discs.

Lots more information in the FAQ's section below

Abrasive Flap Discs

Abrasive Flap Discs FAQs

  • Are ceramic flap discs that much better?

    The simple answer is yes. But of course, it depends. If you are doing high aggression grinding on steel or stainless steel then it is a simple decision. The Cibo Ceramic flap discs cut fast and last approximately 3x as long.

    Check out this simple video which shows the speed of cut achieved with the Cibo Ceramic flap discs.

  • Should I use Ceramic flap discs on aluminium?

    If you are heavy grinding on aluminium then our 40 grit FTC ceramic flap discs are a great option. They cut really quickly, they don’t clog up like zirconia discs will and they last loads longer.

  • Should I choose a flap disc or a grinding disc for heavy grinding?

    We would recommend a 40 grit Ceramic flap disc every time. They cut faster, leave a better finish and have much lower vibration than a grinding disc.

  • Which product should I buy got fillet weld grinding MIG welds?

    We recommend our FOV ceramic flap discs which have an extended edge to improve cut and accessibility and use the largest diameter flap disc you can mount safely on your machine so you are working away from the head of the grinder.

  • So are Zirconia flap discs a waste of money?

    No. But at the coarser end of the range ceramic discs are taking over quite quickly.