Brand New Combi Unitised: Grinding and Finishing In One Hit


The new Cibo Combi unitised discs. 100% control,?30% reduction in process time.

Remove fillet welds & pre-polish.

Available in 3 grades.

For more information, read the FAQs at the bottom of the page.

Combi Unitised

Combi Unitised FAQs

  • What Is Combi Unitised?

    In simple terms, Combi Unitised is an aggressive aluminium oxide disc sandwiched between two softer silicon carbide discs.?


    All GA Combi discs are 6mm wide to allow?the thin?3mm centre of the disc to?remove and blend the?weld in the centre of the fillet?leaving the flexible?and finer?outer edges to?apply a consistent, high quality fine satin?finish to your workpiece which is ready for mirror polishing.

  • Why should I choose Combi Unitised?

    Labour is always the big cost and GA Combi Unitised discs will save you time and money.

    In the Cibo tradition of innovation the?Combi Unitised?discs?allow?you to remove a weld and apply a high quality finish which is suitable for mirror polishing in one action.??

    Combi discs work?up to 30% faster due to increased grinding speed and no wasting time switching discs.

  • What grades are available for Combi Unitised?

    GA6 -?Removing light welds and providing a very fine finish in one hit on aluminium.

    GA7 -?Removes tougher welds whilst providing a high quality finish.

    GA8 -?Aggressive stainless TIG weld removal, faster working and a high quality finish.

  • What is the best speed for Combi Unitised?

    For best performance run at between 3,000 to 4,000 rpm on a machine such as the Cibo Finiteasy. Too fast results in premature wear, too slow you run the risk of bouncing.??