Abrasive Cloth Flap Wheels - Spindle Mounted

Spindle mounted abrasive flap wheels are available in range of options:

Abrasive cloth, combination, scotchbrite / Tex and?stripping wheels. All wheels in this section are shaft mounted with either a 6 or 3mm shank.

If you need an aggressive wheel to remove metal then why not consider the new Cibo Ceramic flap wheels which radically change the material removal you can achieve.

Abrasive Cloth Flap Wheels - Spindle Mounted

Abrasive Cloth Flap Wheels - Spindle Mounted FAQs

  • How aggressive are the new Cibo Ceramic Flap Wheels?

    If you go a grade finer than a traditional aluminium oxide cloth flap wheel with the ceramic flapper you will still cut more quickly and achieve a finer finish at the same time whilst the wheel will also last significantly longer.

  • What is the best wheel for putting a brushed finish on stainless steel?

    Well of course that depends. Here are a few recommendations:

    • Scratches in the metal and a strong satin finish needed: The CSC/60/80506 combination brush leaves a smooth consistent grain finish.
    • Want to remove weld colour on catering type stainless finish: Try our FA/3/80256 wheel which leaves a lovely soft satin finish.
    • Working near edges which could cause the wheel to wear down quickly: The combination wheel CS/100/60306 is a nice choice.
  • What is the best size flap wheel for use on a drill?

    Most drills tend to lack power so the best compromise is a 60 or 80mm diameter wheel which allows access without having too much weight on the head of the machine. Either way abrasive flap wheels are a great tool to have around your workshop and are ideal for detail shaping with the smaller wheels right through to general brushed finishing on almost any material.

  • When would I use a combination flap brush?

    Combination wheels are cloth flaps interleaved with a tex section of material and will remove scratches and surface damage from your workpiece. As well as removing light burrs, a satin structured finish will be applied to your metal. Abrasive combination wheels are designed to run at a slow speed on die grinders and drill attachments.

  • Is there anything more aggressive than the ceramic flap wheels?

    The AFS range of carbide burrs offer a variety of shapes and dimensions, ensuring you have the best possible burr for your application. If you are working on hard metals such as stainless steel, steel or alloy metals, please select from our diamond cut burrs and for non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, our fluted cut are the right products for the job.